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I hope you enjoy learning about my books, short stories and me. I write two mystery series, the Claire Hanover gift basket designer series and the RM Outdoor Adventure series starring whitewater river ranger Mandy Tanner. The order of books contracted in both series to-date is listed below, with the release dates for the trade paperback/ebook editions. Please sign up for my newsletter, which enters you in a contest for free mystery books.

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RM Outdoor Adventure series

Deadly Currents, 3/11

Wicked Eddies, 5/12

Fatal Descent, 6/13

Gift Basket Designer series

A Real Basket Case, 11/11

To Hell in a Handbasket, 11/12

A Basket of Trouble, 11/13

A Basket of Trouble

Book 3 in the Agatha Award-nominated Claire Hanover gift basket designer mystery series. When Claire Hanover saddles up for the opening event of her brother Charley's new riding stable, the last thing she expects is a murder investigation. Kyle Mendoza, one of the stable hands, is found dead in Gunpowder's stall. Everyone thinks the horse trampled him, until it's discovered someone killed Kyle before dragging him into the stall. Charley's troubles worsen with Kyle's family suing him and a rival stable owner wrangling up his clients, so Claire decides to find the real murderer before her brother's business is put out to pasture.

Released on November 8, 2013.

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